Sunday, May 30, 2010

i just biked alot..

So today was our longest day yet! We ended up biking 125 miles.! (well.. kinda.. we cheated a little)..

We started in Big Sandy, biked to Havre (35 miles), then realized that our only options were either doing another 20 miles, or another 90.. So naturally, we chose the 90..!

The sun was out and we had a little bit of a tailwind, so we were feeling good! we cruised through most of it pretty good, but then the clouds came rolling in..

For awhile we could see these massive storm clouds coming towards us, but we never could be sure if they were gonna hit us or not.. They never did too bad.. but they kinda did..
This is where we cheated kinda.. As we came up to the top of a little hill, there was a guy waiting there to talk to us.. His name was Charlie Horn, and he told us that we were about to get hit by some crazy hail/lightning storm, then he said he was going about 15 miles up the road if we wanted a lift..

Not wanting to get hit by hail, and wanting to get Charlie's story, we jumped in with him.. He took us down the road and then dropped us off to finish the last 20ish miles for the day..

All in all it was a pretty great day.. we feasted tonight on chicken nuggets and cereal.. tomorrow we have two options: either 85 miles, or another 125 miles..

We'll see how the weather plays out for us..

p.s.. jeff, we miss you.

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