Tuesday, May 25, 2010

square dance city!

ok so immediately after I finished that last post we went into the office area/danceroom of our campground. I guess the older couple that runs the campground also gives dance lessons in the main building..

When we went in there there was a bunch of people dancing and there were all these snacks that the dancers brought on the tables.. After talking to them all for a few minutes, they said we could help ourselves to any of the food! So we just had a post-dinner snack of apple pie, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, brownies, etc.. It was awesome!

Then as we were leaving the lady that runs the place asked us what we usually do for breakfast.. we sensed that she might be about to offer us something so we totally downplayed our typical breakfast.. We were like, oh i dont know, dry oatmeal or bagels, or whatever we have lying around..
Then she was like, well here, take these eggs and fry them up in the morning! she gave us a dozen eggs that one of the older couples that was dancing there had brought straight from their farm!

We are pumped.. Very pumped..!


Sarah said...

I'm impressed with how well ya'll are finding random food throughout this trip...haha, it's awesome!

PS. Did you guys join in on the dancing?

The Browning's Blog said...

Sam--What kind of snake was that? A python or a tarantula snake? How did you catch it? That was crazy! I think it was funny when you finished the man's french fries. Who went biking with you?


Hey Sam--What did you do when you finished the man's french fries? Did you dance with the girls?


We love reading your blog. Take care! P and G

Annie said...

Okay the french fry thing...you guys are brave! :) But who can beat free food right? Sounds like you are having fun! I am praying for ya! :)

Hazel Rah said...

Square dancing?

Kind of reminds me of grade school, you know? Way back in Dover. Seems like forever ago!

Swing your partner round and round...