Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello New Time Zone..!

We haven't had service the last couple of days, so it has been hard to update our blogs or stay in touch with people at all.. We have been biking right next to this awesome river, the Lochsa (pronounced lock-saw).. We were way back there in the middle of nowhere. for about the last 100ish miles, we have only had two places to stop at.. both of which were lodges, and both of which we did not fit in at with our bike clothes on.. (surprise!).. :)

One of the lodges was in Lowell, Idaho.. It was called the Wilderness Lodge.. there were pictures of bears and stuff on the menu, it was classic.. While we were eating there, we had two big things happen:

1.) The guy sitting behind us (who had an awesome truck) didn't finish all his fries.. so we took them off his table after he had left and finished them off..
We were a little tired at the time.. so it was hilarious..

2.) We met a rep from the Jelly Belly company and she gave us a bunch of bags of jelly beans! She said that if we wanted to bike the extra 60 miles to her house that she would give us as much as we wanted..! we considered the offer pretty heavily.. but decided that cycling the entire day just for a bunch of jelly beans might not be completely worth it.. But we were pretty pumped for the ones she gave us!

The second lodge we stopped at also had a pretty sweet surprise waiting for us..! As we pulled up we noticed another touring bike (which is just a normal bike that is loaded with a ton of stuff) parked outside.. It belonged to a 19 year old guy from England named Ed that started biking in Virginia awhile bike and will be finished with his cross country trip within the week..
To be honest, Ed made us feel like little girls.. He had all these stories about having to chip ice off his chain in the rockies and having a wheel fall apart in the ozarks.. There was some crazy stuff that he has gone through..! When we left I traded him my Pathfinder water bottle (The bike shop in Manhattan) for one of his from his home bike shop in england! I feel like a new man with that thing in my bottle cages.. maybe some of Ed's burliness will rub off on me..

Okay.. this is turning into a really long post.. so i will summarize from here..

Among the other things that has happened lately:
- We killed a snake by the side of the road.. and yes, it was just as awesome as you are imagining! we stoned it to death and then took pictures holding it.. We felt very adventurous and manly...

- We climbed our first pass today, Lolo's Pass. We had to climb about 3000 feet to reach the top.. and again, yes, 3000 feet is just as much as you are imagining.. It was rough.. we were popping jelly beans in the whole way up to distract us from the climb..! Oh.. and at the top there was snow! so that was sweet..

- We stayed with an awesome lady named Laura the night after the goat farm.. she was awesome! She cooked us dinner and breakfast and let us throw our tents up in her backyard.. She had some of the most amazing stories I have ever heard.. She and her husband have tandem biked across New Zealand, biked from Washington to Oregon with their 2 year old son, were living in Kuwait when we invaded.. and tons of other crazy stuff! We seriously loved talking with her and hanging out at her place! (oh.. and she has an Ipad, so it was sweet to play with that!)

oh.. and the title.. We crossed into Montana at the top of Lolo's Pass today.. so we are officially in a new state, and a new time zone!

Thanks for keeping up with the blog everyone! I will try to keep you posted on whats happenin around here!

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Sarah said...

haha...Sam, you make me laugh!! I'm lovin' the stories about the people you are meeting! Now I'm waiting for the next batch of pictures...no pressure though... :)