Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bike Across America

sooo.. here i am.. sitting in my parents living room with my bike packed in a big box and everything i am going to have for the next 50 days packed into two little bags.

if you are reading this then i am assuming you know that i am biking across the country. I am going with 4 other guys so i am sure you will hear about them some if you continue to read this..

anyways.. here is the plan: Our plane leaves KC at 7:30 tomorrow morning and will take us to portland. Once we get to portland we will have to assemble our bikes in the airport (which should be interesting), then we are going to one of the guys' relative's house there in portland to stay the night. We will have to find a bike shop in portland also because we still have a couple things we need to buy.

When we leave portland the next day we will head for Walla Walla, Washington and then continue across until we get to the great lakes. Once we hit the great lakes we will dip beneath them and go through chicago, then we will rise back up and finish in Boston. Right now we are planning to be finished right around the 1st of July.

I am going to try to update this blog pretty regularly so if you ever find yourself in a state of boredom, you know what you can check.


Sarah said...

I hope you get your picture in front of the sign (if there is one)....welcoming you to Walla Walla. That's such a fun name!!

Your blog is so different than before, but it looks good! :)

Sarah said...

PS. Good luck assembling your bike in the airport...haha, I love it!

Annie said...

I agree with Margaret! It would be SWEET! :) Have Fun!