Thursday, June 3, 2010

break time..!

well the last couple days have been going pretty well..! Ryan (the driver/photographer) caught up with us two days ago, and that has been awesome! We are quickly learning the advantages of having a car with you, which are too numerous to list.!

Yesterday we left Montana and crossed into North Dakota.! That was exciting for a couple reasons:
1.) We are now in our 3rd time zone for the trip..
2.) It turns out that I am not as much of a Montana fan as I had previously thought.. I enjoyed my time there, but I won't be too disappointed if i am not there for awhile..

Scott hasn't been feeling too well the last couple days.. but he got some rest, so I think he is feeling better..

Oh! eric crashed the other day..! i realize that this may sound a little cold hearted, but once I realized that he was ok, I was a little glad.. I was getting tired of being the only one that had crashed so far on the trip..
I had been thinking about sabotaging one of the guys.. But thanks to Eric, that will not be necessary..! (just to be clear, i am joking)

Confession: I am not biking right now..

Ryan and I took off today to come back to St. Joe, Missouri because I am the best man in one of my good buddy's wedding! I will be gone from the guys for about 3 days.. I think we are going to drive back up there on Sunday, so I shouldn't miss too much of North Dakota..
Although, from what I have seen so far, it seems pretty similar to Montana.. and you know how I feel about biking through Montana.. (aka.. I probably wouldn't be too upset if they made it very far through the state)

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