Thursday, December 4, 2008

why is everyone wearing spandex but me?

After Venice i took a train to Florence and spent a couple nights there. It was raining there too, but i was ready for it this time! i bought an umbrella!

The first day i didn't get there till pretty late in the afternoon so i decided to just walk over to the galeria academia which is where Michelangelo's statue of David is. I have heard really mixed reviews when it comes to the statue because some people think that its really overrated while others completely love it. Well i loved it! it was one of my favorite things that i've seen so far! After that i just kinda wandered around for awhile and walked down to the Duomo, which was really cool also.

The next morning I just kinda decided to wander around all day. I just kinda meandered my way through the city, seeing all the sights on the way. It was really awesome, Florence is a great city to just kinda wander around in.
Early in the morning i couldn't figure out what was going on because it seemed like everyone i saw was wearing running tights. At first i just thought that florence must be a really active city, but soon it just got ridiculous. Like everyone i saw was wearing spandex! Fairly soon i figured out that the Florence marathon was that day. It was cool to see the race wherever i went in the city.

The next morning I had a pleasant surprise when I got ready to leave for Rome. I found out that I didn't have any money! Normally it isn't a problem at all because i can just get online and move some more money into my account, but for some reason my online pin number wasn't working. My second plan of attack, which is to call home, also failed since it was 9:30 in the morning there, which would make it 2:30 in the morning back home. Luckily my hostel had free internet so i was able to send an email to my sister and ask her to do as soon as she woke up.
Knowing that i would have money that night gave me a little peace but i still didn't know if i had enough to get to Rome or not, so i went to the train station. After it was all said and done, I got to rome with a wopping 2 euros to my name! Then, after i got the metro pass, i got to my hostel with 1 euro.
The only issue that still hadn't been resolved was that it was about 5:00 p.m. and i still hadn't been able to eat anything all day! so i was starving!
Luckily i got some money after a few more hours and was able to make a trip to the grocery store for some food!

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Maggie said...

yay for italy! yea, i definitely loved the statue of david as well. i thought it was absolutely incredible, but i could be biased because i wrote a paper about michelangelo for a class and he was the man!!!