Wednesday, December 10, 2008

well this kinda sucks....

as it turns out, studying in a foreign country is equally as not fun as it is back home.. in fact i think i could argue that it is even worse to study here than it is back home..

i would rather be spending my last few days outside seeing the city for the last time, but instead i am sitting here with 14 tabs open, all of which are different wikipedia pages....

12 days left... happy and sad...

ok its 2 am... i dont know why i'm still awake..

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Ok, I have a few things to tell you after reading that post, lol!

1. hang in there Sambo. you will ace and definitely dominate the test!
2. Studying is NO fun anywhere...I think I will definitely agree with you there.
3. I can't believe its already time for you to come back home!! Its gone by quick...and I'm SOO excited to see you!!!!
4. what ARE you doing up at 2am?
5. i like skype.
6. All my Christmas presents are wrapped and under my tree! (how exciting is that!!)
7. have fun on your ski trip!!
8. i think i'm done w/this list now. :)