Thursday, December 4, 2008

umm... is water supposed to be there?

So this last weekend I took a trip to Italy! I skipped my classes on monday so that way I could stay there till Wednesday. I flew into Venice on friday afternoon, took a train to florence, then flew back from Rome on wednesday afternoon. It was an awesome trip!

When i got to Venice I quickly realized that the google map directions to my hostel were going to more of a hindrance than helpful resource. My hostel was 1 km from the bus station, and the google map directions had 37 different steps! Luckily I happened to ask a guy that new right where i needed to go and gave me good directions. Even with his directions though, it still took me half an hour to find my way there.

It was pretty cold and raining there that afternoon so i didn't really want to go walk around, but since i was only there for the one day i toughed it out and hit the streets anyways. I pretty much just kinda wandered around the city, went over the famous Rialto bridge, then went to St. Mark's square. It is a really cool city, but everything kinda starts to look the same after awhile.. haha

That night I decided to walk around a little more and was a little surprised to find that a lot of the streets and squares and stuff were all flooded! Apparantly the combination of high tide and the rain makes it flood a ton there. All of St. Mark's square was under about a foot of water so they had these little platform things that they put all over the place to pretty much create a raised sidewalk. It was really cool.