Friday, December 5, 2008

rain rain go away.. come again another day..

Well i already told you about my first afternoon in Rome. Pretty much I just had that afternoon, all of tuesday, and then wednesday morning to see everything in Rome. If you know much about Rome, then you know that i was going to be packed if I wanted to See everything.

After I got some food the first night i was there I decided to go out and see the Trevi Fountain by night. This little trip also served as a short navigation course and helped me to figure out the easiest combination of metro & walking for the next day!

The next morning I woke up early and walked over to Vatican city. I went to St. Peter's Basilica first which was awesome! it was definitely a pretty good way to start out the day. It was so huge, i literally just walked through it and it took me like 45 minutes! After that I walked over to the Vatican Museum, which is where the Sistine Chapel is, and got rained on while i waited in line. It was definitely worth it though, the Vatican Museum is amazing. I could have spent the entire day in there easily. I read that if you looked at every piece of art in the museum for 2 minutes it would take you 12 years to get through the museum! Its pretty big. The Sistine Chapel was really cool, but it was really dark in there so I wasnt able to get any good pictures. Here is another room that was painted really cool though.

It was about noon by the time i left the Vatican, so i headed back to my hostel to make some lunch. I also wanted to change my clothes because I was soaked from getting rained on all mornning (eventually i broke down and got an umbrella). After lunch i went over to the Coliseum to check it out. I was really pumped about going there because i watched the Gladiator the night before with some people at the hostel. It was awesome! Everyone always says that it isn't as big as they expected, so I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but i was! I loved it there, I just walked around inside for over an hour.

After the Coliseum I just kinda wandered around in the old Rome part of town. I walked through the old Roman Forum, and then headed over to check out the Pantheon. It was really cool also (big surprise)! It is amazing because they still have never had to reinforce the dome at all, even though it is ridiculously old.

I just kinda wandered around for the rest of that day. The next morning I decided to just kinda walk around and see some of the piazzas that i hadn't seen the day before. I walked over to the spanish steps also, which was pretty cool. It was kinda weird though, because there was like nobody there at all! Usually I have heard that the spanish steps are really crowded and people are always hanging out there, but not that day!
After that I headed for the airport and caught my plane back to Prague!

I have 18 days left over here so i am hoping to make the most of them! I am going to hangout here in Prague for this weekend, then I am going to go skiing somewhere here in the Czech Republic next weekend, so i am really looking forward to that! I am leaving here in just a few minutes to go with a guy to a second hand shop here in prague, we saw some sweet one-piece snow jumpsuits the last time we were there, so we are hoping to snag them!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Sarah said...

one-piece snow word for that, awesome. haha :)