Monday, October 6, 2008

well that was depressing... how about some ice cream?

ok so when we finally got there on friday morning, we were all so tired that we decided to take a short nap at our hostel to recharge before hitting the city.. When we all got up we went out to get some lunch and walk around for awhile. We ate at a restaraunt called Rooster, and it didn't take us long to find out that it is definitely European version of hooters.. After that we just went and walked around the city for awhile. We saw the city square, the wawel castle, the old jewish quarters, and several cathedrals that were pretty awesome!
We also went and bought some food to cook at the hostel (including polish sausages), and after we got done eating we were all so tired that we just crashed!

The next morning we got up and caught a bus out to Auschwitz. The bus was hilarious actually because it had black lights and techno music playing when we got on. I felt like i was climbing into some sort of mobile club!

Auscshwitz was really awesome. I was definitely one of the more sober trips that i am guessing i will make here.. We couldn't believe how big it was, yet when the more we found out about how many people they kept there, we realized that there wasn't even close to enough room.. It was very cold and raining the day that we visited the camp, but i cant even imagine how cold it must have been for the people being kept there.. The winter there gets ridiculously brutal!
When we finally got back to Krakow that night, we were pretty exhausted once again. However not even our legitimate amount of sleep deprivation kept us from playing an intense game of Polish Monopoly that we found in our hostel! It was a blast! we had no idea what any of the cards said, but we were able to look some of the stuff up on an internet translation website and we just kinda made up the rest... The only problem was that i got dominated by brian and went to bed analyzing every bad decision i made throughout the game, wondering what would have happened had i not bought that last set of houses for my yellow properties... but oh well....

Sunday morning we went to these salt mines that are very famous around krakow and went on a tour through there. It really awesome too! The miners pretty much lived down there, so they have carved these huge sanctuaries from the cavern walls and stuff. It is pretty unbelievable if you see how big the main one is and how intricate it is!

We didn't have any trouble on the way back luckily! We got back this morning about 6:45..

I am not sure where i am gonna go next yet.. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

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