Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hold on a sec.. we dont even know what time it is!

Well this last weekend we went to Vienna and to Bratislava. We left friday morning to head to vienna and stayed there till sunday morning.
When we first got there we quickly realized that we had written the directions to our hostel down from the wrong train station. So instead of a short 5 minute walk like the hostel website told us, it ended up being a 2 hour navigation exercise that consisted mainly of us walking randomly down side streets trying to find one that we could find on our map. Luckily we found it and were able to check in and leave our bags there so that we could go explore the city a little.

We decided to just walk around that afternoon and so we headed towards this amusement park that wasn't too far away on our map. This place is supposed to be pretty cool, and everything we read said that it is usually packed. But not while we were there! No joke, this might have been one of the creepiest places i have ever been.. It really seemed almost as if it were completely deserted, but there was still the creepy music playing from all the rides. We saw 2 rides in action, and each of them only had 1 person on it. After we got over the creepiness, we all found it pretty hilarious actually and so we walked around in there for a little while. We were a little suprised to find not one, but several Casinos in the amusement park as well. They seemed a little out of place to us.

After the park we went to the big soccer stadium in vienna and to this big horse track that was across the street. My roommate here loves horse racing so we hung out there for a little while and he explained to us the basics about the different kinds of horse racing.
After that we went and ate and then decided to call it a night. Although it was only like 9:30 we were all exhausted for some reason, so we just crashed.

On Saturday we just walked around Vienna all day and saw the sights and stuff. It is a beautiful city, there was tons to see. We also found some big military festival thing going on there that was pretty cool. They had a zip line going over the big square and had a bunch of tanks and helicopters and stuff, it was pretty fun.
We also went to the gardens and saw this amazing palace. It was really awesome, probably one of my favorite places I have seen so far!

i will do another post about our trip to bratislava.. but here are some more pictures of Vienna:

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