Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the cleaning lady... or satan? or both?

So i still haven't told you about the cleaning "services" provided by my dormitory. Or rather the lack thereof....

The first major problem that we have found in our room is that our toilet doesn't really flush.. Obviously this creates a little bit of a problem... It just kinda makes a lot of noise and swishes the water around, but it never actually flushes. We have all just started going down to the lobby to use the bathroom.

My favorite thing is our "cleaning lady." We have this lady that once a week randomly lets herself into our room and starts doing whatever she wants to do whether we are there or not.. So far her usual time is Tuesday mornings, usually sometime around 8:00 a.m. As you can probably guess I am usually still asleep when she comes, and although you would think that would slow her down, it doesn't at all!
She doesn't hesitate a second to flip on her vacuum about 6" from my face, whether i am sleeping or not! It is actually pretty funny, mainly just because she doesn't even act like we are there. One of these weeks i want to sleep on the floor just to test her. My bet is that she would just vacuum right over me without even blinking an eye! She is crazy!

The other weird thing is our laundry room... Apparently dryers aren't big here, because in the laundry room they just have a washing machine and a bunch of indoor clothes lines. It is a pain to have to check out the key twice though (once to wash your clothes, once to get them after they are dry), so Andy and I bought a bunch of string and made a clothes line right here in our room! We are gonna be limbo pros when its all over because we have lines going all over our room!

But anyways, I have my first Czech language class in the morning so i should probably try to get some rest.. I am gonna need all the help i can get!


Anonymous said...

hahaha....I love it!! Thats hilarious! (i'm still laughing just thinking about it...) :)

Maggie said...

awesome.....we dont have dryers either....so the towels are real stiff and gross

Mom said...

Ha Ha! I would love to see what she would do if you actually were sleeping on the floor! Probably vacuum around you! Have a Great Day!
I love you!