Tuesday, September 30, 2008

this cant be right.... at least i hope it isn't....

Well i actually started my classes yesterday! My first class was math at 8:00 in the morning and although i didn't know where it was i figured that i would be able to find the room pretty easily. But i was wrong. I was very wrong! after about 20 minutes of trying to ask people on the campus where the building was located i finally found out that it was all the way across town! you see the campus here is not all togethor, they kinda have a main campus and then some random buildings spread throughout the city. So by the time i finally got to the class i was about 45 minutes late, but there was a few people going in when i got there, and it was a big lecture hall so i wasn't too worried.. When i finally got settled down in my chair and got my stuff out, i looked up to realize that the class was most definitely being taught in czech, which creates a little bit of a problem for me!
So after about 45 min. of me staring blankly at the blackboard, we finally took a break and i was able to go talk to the profesor! Luckily he was able to get me lined out with the correct course so now i should be able to understand something!

Other than that my classes have gone pretty smoothly though! I am looking forward to my czech language class.. even though it is gonna be crazy hard for me i'm sure!

We are gonna head to Poland this weekend so i will definitely let you know how it goes! We are gonna head to Krakow, then we are gonna go to Aushwitz so it should be a great trip.. and cheap!


Maggie said...

jealous........i wanna go to aushwitz (misspelled)

Mom said...

Hey Bud! How are things going? They have opened up your blog here at school, so now I can show all my students what it is like over there. I am so excited! Please be careful! I love you!