Saturday, September 20, 2008

i think i am dehydrated...

ok so it didn't take us long to find out that they do not drink regular water here. All they drink is sparkling water, and it is gross! If you ask for water at a restaurant they bring you tonic water, which is even worse! Some other americana have found regular water at this grocery store that is close by, so i think that today we are going to go try to stock up..

I am starting to learn my way around a couple places in the city and am picking up the metro routes pretty quick too! The public transportation here is really nice, and once you figure it out a little it is very useful.. We are lucky because one of the main metro stops, dejvice, is only about a block away. So we are able to get places pretty quick if we want to.

We went out this morning and found a coffee shop that was pretty cool. I think that it might have been an american chain though, because everything was in english and the workers there knew english pretty well. But it was really nice to get some coffee! It is pretty chilly here already, so the coffee really hit the spot..

I am not sure what we are going to do tonight, but chances are we will probably be out pretty late... the metro stops running from 1:00 till 5:00 in the morning, so all of the czech people usually just stay out till 5:00 then come home.. they dont even act like it is a big deal to stay out that late, it is just the way that they all live...

But i think we are going to go out and explore a little bit in the city... hopefully we wont get lost... :)

oh and by the way.. the internet is alot harder to use here! google is practically worthless for me because it searches everything in czech. I haven't found a way to switch it back to english.. even on this blog, all of the tabs like the 'sign in' and stuff like that is in czech.. so i just have to keep clicking on them till it takes me to where i want to go.. it sort of an adventure!

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Maggie said...

the water here in italy is gross too. they drink all the sparkling stuff so when we go out to eat we have to ask for acqua naturale so we dont get the gross stuff. for awhile all i drank was pop cause i cant stand wine or their water. do you drink the tap water?