Monday, June 14, 2010

soo.. chicago is big!

So last night we stayed just outside of chicago, in the suburbs.. and guess where we are staying tonight..
Yes.. in a different suburb just outside of chicago..!

We are trying to skip going through the middle of the city, so we are just kinda skirting around the outside of the city..

Today went pretty smoothly.. for me! The bike shops around here didn't open till 10:00, so i wasn't able to get back on the road till after lunch.. As it turns out, that was very fortunate for me.. Before came back, the guys got lost, hit some pretty sketchy trails/construction zone things, and then had to bike 15 miles through a main city road with stop lights every little bit..

They were slightly.. slash.. alot frustrated by the time i got back on the bike! The last bit that I road was pretty easy.. we even had a tailwind!

We are getting some pizzas tonight.. so i think everyone is happy again..

and although i know that i have said this before.. I think we will actually be past Chicago tomorrow!

We have 16 days left for the trip and we are a little bit ahead of schedule right now.. so we only have to average about 70-75 miles per day to get to Boston on time! We are pretty pumped about that!

One of our new big things that we want to try is to ride down a hill laying on our bikes.. yes that is right.. We saw a picture of a guy biking and he was laid out with his stomach on the bike seat and his feet straight out behind him.. It looked crazy..
I'll let you know how it works out for us..

oh.. I forgot to mention.. went to a dunkin donuts today.. yeah that was awesome..


Marcia (Eric's mom) said...

ok.....PLEASE don't let Eric participate in your attempt to ride down a hill on your stomach! Our emergency room / surgery bills nearly broke us last year with him and i DON"T want to get that phone call again!!!!

Sarah said...

Laying on your bikes...maybe not your greatest idea, but I hope you have a designated photographer for that ride! :)

Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!