Tuesday, November 11, 2008

South Moravia!

So this last weekend i went on a trip to southern moravia, which is in southeast czech republic. It was a blast! The trip was organized by some of the awesome people in the international student club at my school, so it was already planned out and everything. It was so nice!

We left friday morning and went to a little town called Znojmo. There we climbed up in a tower, saw the city, and toured these underground tunnels that run underneath the city. They used to just be basements, but during the war they linked them all together so that they could hide down there. It was really cool!

After that we moved on to a different town called Mikulov. This entire region is known for their wine, and Mikulov definitely holds up its end of the deal. We went friday night to like a wine cellar place where we ate dinner and tasted a bunch of different kinds of wine. It was unlimited, so I am sure you can imagine that some people got their money's worth! It was pretty entertaining though. They even had an accordian player there for us (which was cool, until someone threw up on him).

As I am sure you can imagine, the next morning most people were a little slow getting out of bed. Luckily for them though, they had a good excuse to stay in bed. It was pouring outside all morning, and since we had planned on walking around Mikulov all morning we just decided to hang out in the hostel till around noon. We all just kinda hung out and played card games and stuff.
When we left Mikulov we headed towards the area in between Lednice and Valtice where there is an awesome Chateau that is surrounded by a bunch of lakes and stuff. We spent a couple hours walking around there even though it was still raining. Then we headed for Breclav!
That night in breclav we went to a mexican restaraunt/pub and all hung out there for most of the evening. When we all left there a few of us decided to try out this local dance club that we saw on the way back. It was kinda weird, but we all still had a good time!
On Sunday we went out the this placed called Punkev where there is an awesome cave and an underground river! We hiked around a little, then got a tour of the cave which was awesome! On part of the tour we got into these little boats and went through this underground river that ran through the cave. It was really awesome, and we all had a blast with it!
On our way back to Prague we stopped in Brno, which is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, to grab something to eat. Then we came back to Prague!
It was such a fun trip, I am really glad I went on it!

(I dont have my pictures on my computer yet, but i will post some when i do)

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