Tuesday, November 18, 2008

holy parlimant

This last weekend Brian, Anna and I decided to make to swing through Bratislava and head down to Budapest! It was really awesome, Budapest is one of my favorite cities so far and Bratislava was much better the second time.

We planned on going to Bratislava for this wine festival thing that was supposed to be going on, but when we got there we found out that you had to buy tickets in advance and it was really expensive. So instead we just walked around the city and kinda hung out for the afternoon. I kinda played guide for the afternoon since I had been there before so we had a lot of fun!

The next day we went to Budapest and got there early in the afternoon. Since it is getting darker so much earlier now it really limits what you can do in a day. So since we didn't have a ton of daylight left we just went down the river (the danube runs right through the city), and walked along it for awhile. You can see pretty much all of the really huge old buildings and stuff since they were all built right on the river, so that was really cool!

The next day we decided to do this free walking tour that started around 10:30. It was probably a really good tour, but it was moving a little too slow for me so we bailed after a little while and went our own direction. We stopped and got some coffee first because it was pretty cold that day, and I dont need much of an excuse to get coffee.. Then we just kinda started walking around and seeing the sights. There is tons of really awesome old buildings in Budapest, so we didn't really slow down until we couldn't walk anymore.

That night we decided to hit up the Baths that are there in the city. They are really famous and everyone says that a trip to Budapest isn't complete without a trip to the Baths, so we had to check it out. If we had anything like that back home, I would probably live there! It was pretty much just a huge oval shaped building with 3 big pools in the open air area inside the building. In the actual building there as just a bunch of rooms with a bunch of hot tubs that were varying sizes and temperatures. It was pretty cool, especially because of all the old guys flaunting their stuff in tiny speedos everywhere!

The next day before we came back to Prague we went to this huge indoor Market thing that is also really famous there. It just had tons of different booths and vendors selling pretty much anything you could need. Upstairs there was a bunch of food vendors selling pretty interesting foods, so we had a lot of fun trying different things and even more fun trying to figure out what they were! haha
Unfortunately the weekend had to come to an end though, so we came back to Prague that afternoon.

I have a math test on thursday, so I have been trying to look over that stuff a little. This coming weekend I think we are going to go to Berlin, so I am really looking forward to that too!


Sarah said...

Did you take any pictures of the baths?! That sounds pretty sweet!!

Sarah said...

oh...and did you find any cool things at the market full of random vendors??

PS. you could definitely win a contest for no fear of eating things...or at least eating something that you dont know what it is..... :)